Calipers are devices that enable people with motor disabilities including polio-afflicted patients — to walk and thereby remain mobile. While polio has been eradicated from India and as such there are no new polio cases detected, patients with polio continue to throng BMVSS to get calipers fitted.

Plastic calipers
The plastic calipers distributed by BMVSS are manufactured from polypropylene sheets in standard sizes. Three types of calipers are assembled using pre-fabricated components:

Ankle-foot orthosis.
Knee-ankle-foot orthosis.
Hip-knee-ankle-foot orthosis.

In cases where custom-made calipers have to be made because of complications, they are fabricated accordingly. This process takes a little more time.

The plastic calipers have remarkable features.
They are extremely light and durable.
They are provided with good quality sports shoes to enhance comfort and cosmetic appeal.
They have soft padding for support and comfort.
The ankle joints are fitted to the calipers to improve gait, and can be adjusted to provide desired ankle motion such as posterior stop, anterior stop, etc.
They are washable.
They have velcro fasteners to allow for easy fitting.
Also significant is the fact that it can be fabricated the same day.
The process allows quick fitments at field camps for patients.

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