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Youth Chapter Leadership

Jaipirfoot USA Youth Chapter was launched to spread awareness of the incredible work being done by Jaipurfoot globally. It is a forum that provides students with opportunities to support an incredible organization that was recognized by the United Nations for its Impact. The internship opportunities provided through the Youth chapter help grow leaders that are compassionate and service oriented.

Nikhil Mehta

Nikhil Mehta is the Co-Chair and a rising senior at Smithtown High School East, Long Island, New York. Nikhil has been engaged with JaipurFoot USA through his high school and was motivated to join in the effort to help India ``breathe better.” Oxygen on Wheels is a free service to provide oxygen support inside a specially designed bus to needy patients in the rural villages of Jodhpur and patients. Nikhil was able to raise funds from his friends, family, and, most of all, the community. They now have added three vans. Nikhil was lucky enough to speak to the Honorable Chief Minister of Rajasthan, propose his ideas, and request assistance to further the cause.

With support from the government, the Oxygen on Wheels program has been escalated to the entire state of Rajasthan. He wants to make a difference. He is a Youth Ambassador for the Rajasthan Foundation. He also strongly feels that one needs to have a sense of identity and connect with their hometown and country.

Ajay Tadinada

Ajay Tadinada is the Co-Chair of JaipurFoot USA Youth Chapter. He is a rising senior at Nueva High School, San Mateo, CA. He has a keen interest in bioengineering and community service that led him to engage with Jaipur Foot. He first started working with Jaipur Foot in 9th grade when he met Mr. Mehta during a trip to India and spent time at two of their workshop locations - Jaipur and Hyderabad. He was inspired by Dr. Mehta's selfless work and how this frugal engineering innovation had such a wide-reaching impact. He has been actively engaged with Mr. Prem Bhandari, Chairman Jaipur Foot USA, in launching the website, streamlining the donation process, and launching the Youth Chapter.

Ajay also set up the internship program to recruit socially inspired students that can help drive awareness and boost charitable donations apart from working as patient support specialists. He is a passionate STEM researcher and a varsity rower with a penchant for community service - specifically, helping disabled people become mobile and physically active.