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PM words a big pat on back for Jaipur Foot founder

“’I want to be a policeman’ my young friend told me…glad to see the Jaipur Foot giving wings to the aspirations of many youngsters like him,” Modi said in a tweet after visiting The Mahaveer Philippine Foundation, at Manila in the Philippines.

“Wonderful visit to the Mahaveer Philippines Foundation. Their efforts of fitting the Jaipur Foot on needy amputees have touched several lives. During my visit, saw a series of exhibits and interacted with amputees,” he said in another tweet.

Speaking to Hindustan Times, the founder and the chief patron of BMVSS, D R Mehta, said, “I am very happy that Modi lauded the Jaipur Foot. The Jaipur Foot is one of the few Indian innovations that is serving humanity.”

The Jaipur Foot is given free of cost to the amputees and so far approximately 6 lakh such prosthesis have been distributed across the world.

“The BMVSS, set up in 1985, is the world’s largest organization in limb fitment. We work on the philosophy that even the poor have self-respect and we should help them. We are working on the principle that even if anything has to be given for free, it should be of the best quality,” Mehta said.

On Monday, Modi visited the Mahaveer Philippines Foundation in Manila, where this year 757 disabled people were fitted with Jaipur Foot. Modi interacted with the beneficiaries too.

Mehta said BMVSS has partnered with different organizations in 29 countries and around 27,000 people walk with the help of the prosthetic limbs manufactured by them.