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We started with fitting 59 legs one year after this organization was founded in 1975 at Jaipur, India. From doing just 59 legs in that year, we now supply and fit over 60,000 prosthetic legs and supports annually. We have achieved this through pure perseverance, support from our donors, and other random donations. Nevertheless, this feat would have been impossible if we didn't scale up our management to effectively make the best use of every dollar donated to us.

Although we're domiciled in India with over 22 branches across the country, we extend our services to other nations and make plans to set up offices across all world nations. For now, we reach other nations through our camps; about 50 camp programs happen in a year. We move supplies, experts, teams, and doctors across countries to bring prosthetic legs and other aids for free to disabled people in other nations of the world.

Over 50 of our on-the-spot artificial limbs and caliper fitment camps are in 26 countries in Asia, Africa, and Latin America. BMVSS doctors and technicians travel to these countries to provide on-demand services. Patients are attended to within the same day of the camp, hence the name, on-the-spot service.