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Bhagwan Mahaveer Viklang Sahayata Samiti (BMVSS)

(Parent Organization of Jaipur Foot USA)

Anchored on compassion, empathy, and the ‘patient-first’ social philosophy. In the last four decades, Jaipur Foot has remained stubbornly committed to making the lives of underprivileged and physically disabled people better.

In 1975, the vision of BMVSS(Jaipur Foot) was conceptualized by Dr. Mehta. The idea was born on the hospital bed of Dr. Mehta, where he gambled the odds of a new life without limbs after a fatal accident. Since then, 1.7 million limbs were fitted worldwide through selfless work from many volunteers.

Jaipur Foot will endeavor to help disabled people worldwide who cannot afford artificial limbs to improve their lives.

Jaipur Foot will achieve the vision by building a supply of artificial limbs, calipers, and other physical aids to serve the underprivileged and disabled at zero cost. We will also continue to innovate to make this process cheaper, better, and faster.




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What We Do?



Stanford-Jaipur Knee


Artificial hand

The below-knee prosthesis of Jaipur Foot has been designed indigenously. The shank is fabricated from locally manufactured, durable, high-quality, high-density polyethylene pipes (HDPE). The socket design used is either full contact, vacuum-formed using a polypropylene sheet, or open-ended, using HDPE. This custom-made shank/socket is fitted with the Jaipur Foot.

A functional below-knee prosthesis looks like a normal limb, allowing for the range of movement required for normal human locomotion. In addition, the total contact socket provides better sensory feedback to the wearer and prevents edema.

The above-knee prosthesis is indigenously designed and fabricated from locally manufactured high-quality, high-density polyethylene (HDPE) pipes. The sockets used are of both ischial bearing and ischial containment types.

The knee joints are available in a variety of designs.

  • Single-axis knee joint with lock.
  • Single-axis knee joint without lock.
  • Stanford-Jaipur Knee.
  • Stanford-Jaipur Knee with lock.

The Stanford-Jaipur Knee is a new invention designed in partnership with Stanford University, USA. The Stanford-Jaipur Knee has been hailed by Time magazine (issue of November 23, 2009) as one of the 50 Best Inventions of the World in the year 2009.
The Stanford-Jaipur Knee, also known as the Jaipur Knee, mimics normal human gait by providing stability in stance and easy movement.

Calipers are devices that enable people with motor disabilities — including polio-afflicted patients — to walk and thereby remain mobile. While polio has been eradicated from India and most underdeveloped countries, patients impacted by polio continue to come to Jaipur Foot to get calipers fitted.

Plastic calipers
The plastic calipers distributed by BMVSS are manufactured from polypropylene sheets in standard sizes. Three types of calipers are assembled using pre-fabricated components:

  • Ankle-Foot Orthosis.
  • Knee-Ankle-Foot Orthosis.
  • Hip-Knee-Ankle-Foot Orthosis.

The artificial hand has been undertaken from suppliers who make joints meet the Indian Standards Institutions (ISI) mark. It is called the Jaipur Hand. BMVSS mainly fabricates the sockets.
However, the Manipal University Jaipur is developing a Bio-Electrical Artificial Hand in collaboration with BMVSS. Negotiations are also going on with Calpoly University LA to develop the Bio-Electrical Artificial Hand. Now, a major research project on the below-elbow artificial hand is underway at Stanford University in collaboration with Jaipur Foot. The model is likely to be functionally more efficient and inexpensive.


What Make Us Different

Rapid-Fit Limb

Jaipur Foot Rapid-Fit Limbs are fitted in a single day. On-the-spot fabrication and fitment of prosthetic limbs, other aids, and appliances are also provided at various camps.

We Empower

Patients are empowered by providing them with not only prosthetics but the know-how, skillset, and therapy, enabling them to be self-sufficient and lead successful lives.

Free of Cost

Jaipur Foot provides artificial limbs and other aids at little to no cost. Our main target population is people below the poverty line. Fitments have been done in 27 countries.

Leadership & Youth Chapter

Seasoned leadership team comprising eminent and compassionate leaders, highly committed youth chapter members supported by medical experts, retired civil servants, and financial specialists.

Safe + Easy Donations

Bank your goodwill, and make donations now

Give an underprivileged disabled person another chance at life with your donations. Make them walk again, make them able to return to their financial status before this disability.